Digital Transformation

As we head into the future, how quickly an organisation can adapt is crucial to its ability to innovate and succeed in meeting its business objectives. Many companies fail to understand the positive contribution that a digital strategy makes to the bottom line.

By combining technology with people enablement and collaboration, your business can be ready for the digital age faster than your competitors.

Industry 4.0 technology is available to the manufacturing sector today to optimise operations, tackle risk, innovate, increase revenues and tap into new revenue streams.

Let Edra Technology guide you through the process of modernising your business.

Case Studies

Tier 1 automotive supplier


Customer:   Tier 1 automotive supplier

Synopsis:     A Tier 1 automotive supplier with over 300 robots was experiencing 25-30 robot failures a year.

We developed a software solution to monitor robot health, prevent failures and eliminate unplanned downtime.



Customer:   KOMATSU

Synopsis:     KOMATSU was looking to improve its ability to predict failures in construction and mining equipment.

After analyzing pleiotropically industrial big data collected from their machines and equipment sensors, we detected hidden anomalies and degradations in moving parts by using defined parameters and original algorithms.




Synopsis:     NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION was looking to improve its ability to prevent failures and minimize the risk of production delays at its steel plants. We created a process that combined several algorithms, including envelope analysis, cepstrum analysis and frequency band energy analysis to detect hidden abnormalities and degradation.